Roaming Reds

Manchester United are just one of the clubs hunting down the top spot on the Premier League table. Although they are not there yet, they have kept close to it by winning their match against West Brom.

There were two goals scored and they all came from the men in red. The first goal came from Lingard in the 52nd minute. Considering Man United dominated the game, it was a good thing that they could produce something from it in the second half!


Although Rooney remained on the pitch for a lengthy period of time, he was not given the opportunity to play for the whole 90 minutes. The second goal did not come from him. Instead, Mata converted a penalty towards the end of the game after McAuley was sent off. Bye bye.

Manchester United are fourth in the PL table. Manchester City, Arsenal and Leicester are above the Man U, but only one point seperates them. The Reds are just waiting for one of them to slip.