Forgetting something?

There was a lot missing from the game between Chelsea and stoke. A missing manager, missing hope and the Blues appeared to continually miss the net.

Mourinho served his one match ban today; he was not at the stadium during the match. The fans did attempt to make his presence felt. However, It was down to the players to pull off a performance. They did, at first. Throughout the first half, the Blues dominated and, on many occassions, came close to scoring.


In the second half, misfortune fell upon them. The game changed. Arnautovic scored the winning goal, not for Chelsea, but for Stoke in the 53rd minute! Home or away, failure is never far from Mourinho! Not this season.

Football has evolved over the years. There’s more money. Teams, large or small, have grown bigger and better. Even the likes of Champions are not immune to losing. Mourinho will need some time to undertand this concept.