Crystal Clear

Crystal Palace made their presence known at Anfield by stealing three points from Liverpool. Liverpool may have put on a great display, but all that will remain in the mind of the fans, as time passes, is the result.

The first goal of the match was claimed by Bolasie. He have Palace the lead in the 21st minute. Although this was startling, Liverpool did come back from this. Coutinho netted the equaliser in the 42nd minute! They couldn’t let down their ex-captain Gerrard, who was watching from the stands.


The second half began on a level playing field. However, the scoreline soon favoured one side. In the 82nd minute, Dann reclaimed the lead for Crystal Palace!  By this time, it was obvious who would be taking all the points home.

Klopp has lost his first match as Liverpool manager. It was destined to come at some point; he did manage to hold out for quite a long time. Hopefully this defeat does not deflate the hope and spirit at Anfield!