Chuffed Chelsea

Chelsea finally got the ball rolling again in their victory against Dynamo Kiev. After several losses this football season, they were able to make minor moves towards recovery in the Champions League. Baby steps, baby steps.

Chelsea claimed the first goal of the match, but it wasn’t their player that scored it. Dragovic netted an own goal in the 34th minute to put the Blues at an advantage. Mourinho may have accepted this with open arms, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that Chelsea rely on the misfortune of others to achieve their own success.


The Blues continued to hold on to their lead until the 77th minute. Dragovic netted the equaliser to repay his team for the mistake he made previously! It seemed that Chelsea would continue to wollow in their all too familiar pool of woes. Luckily, William recovered what Chelsea once had in the 83rd minute. He had done it again!

There is no denying that Chelsea are flying low in the Premier League and that Mourinho’s job could be on the line. However, their fate is in their hands in the Champions League. Will they hold on to it or will they let it fall from their hands?