Peter Cech was a successful goalkeeper at Chelsea, and has been for Arsenal this football season. But not today. Five goals were conceded by Arsenal in their Champions League game against Bayern Munich.

Bayern began their advancement right from the start of the match. In the 10th minute, Lewandowski gave his club the lead! In the 29th, Müller doubled the scoreline. If that hadn’t made the Gunner fans tremble yet, Alaba netted the third goal before half time could interrupt the tempo of the stunning home team!2E1CC04900000578-0-image-a-60_1446669893581

Arsenal knew it would be hard going up against a dominant European team, however, they probably could not have been prepared enough to be hit with with goal after goal after goal! In the 55th minute, the fourth goal was put in by Robben. Giroud did manage to score a consolation goal for the Gunners, but what did it matter? This act was even undermined by the final goal from Bayern Munich in the 89th.

Cech was checked in this game. Although, the opposition were quite intimidating. Arsenal’s chances of reaching the last 16 are now hanging by a thread. Perhaps if pigs fly…