Manchester City have a large appetite. Whichever team that comes across them, no matter when or where, is devoured! The Champions League witnessed this today as City took a bite out of Sevilla.

It was made clear that City were up to their old tricks right from the start of the match. Sterling gave his club the lead in the 8th minute. Just three minutes later, Fernandinho had doubled the scoreline! They made it look easy.

Nevertheless, in the 25th moment, Trémoulinas scored a cancellation goal for Sevilla. However, this new sense of hope was not allowed to live for long. Bony extended City’s lead in the 36th! The game was done and dusted before half time could even come around.

Manchester City are at the top of Group D and have secured their entrance into the next stage of the Champions League! It was an immense victory for the club, and an astonishing start to the football season. The last 16 round will no doubt be accepted by City with an open heart, mind and soul.