Beaten, Battered and Broken

Chelsea have been pulled left, right and centre since the very start of the football season. They had a tough game and a tough defeat at Anfield today. Mourinho is in need of new ways to pose threats to opposition teams.

Liverpool and their fans were given a shock when Ramires netted a goal for Chelsea in the 4th minute of the match! With such an early lead, many expected that the game would prove to be a success for the Blues.

Throughout the first half, Liverpool held the majority of the possession. They proved they were unaffected by the Chelsea goal and a willingness to change the scoreline. Just before the half-time whistle blew, Coutinho scored the equaliser that everyone had been expecting!

Coutinho’s ball goes right past an outstretched Terry.
In the second half there were disputes over whether Diego Costa and Lucas should have been given a red card for their two seperate incidents . Since neither were awarded one, there wasn’t a lot to complain about.

In the 74th minute, Coutinho scored his second goal. This was followed by a goal from Benteke in the 83rd! Fate had been altered. Terry could have prevented atleast one of these goals from going in, but it appears that his legs are no longer fit for purpose.

Klopp gained his first Premier League win, but Chelsea are down to 15th on the PL table. They are four points off the relegation zone. No wonder Mourinho is no longer bouncing and smiling. Can his frown be turned upside down along with that of the fans?