At Last

Liverpool are one of the few who have made it to the next stage of the Capital One Cup. Their new manager finally seems to be settling in well. This is clear from their victory over Bournemouth.

There was only one goal scored in the entire 90 minutes.This was surpring considering Liverpool had 14 shots at goal, just one less than Manchester City who did wonders with theirs. Well, one goal is all that is needed sometimes. It’s one more than Arsenal could manage.


Clyne netted the winning goal for the Reds in the 17th minute, granting Klopp his first win as manager! It was scored quite early on in the game; they had to work hard to maintain it.

From endless draws to a single-goal victory, Klopp is gradually building his Liverpool team. They are now through to the quater finals of the League cup. Slow and steady wins the race!