Hanging By a Thread

There’s no denying the fact that Mourinho is in a shaky position after his continuous defeats in the Premier League. His Chelsea squad have now gone on to be shamed in the League Cup, by Stoke. Plus, it can’t be great knowing that their next game will be without Diego Costa, who is now out with injury.

In the 52nd minute, Walters gave Stoke the lead! The Blues had begun to gulp at the feeling of more misfortune until Remy changed it all. Remy equalised for his team in the 90th minute, taking the match through added time and into penalties!

 The penalty shootout was very intense as every ball was finding itself at the back of the net. That was until it came up to the fifth Chelsea kick. Hazard, who had previously fallen out with Mourinho, delivered quite a soft penalty that was caught by the Stoke goalkeeper! Chelsea were out! Misery was upon them once more.

No one knows when Chelsea’s woes will come to an end. Perhaps, if they lose to Liverpool on the weekend and Mourinho gets the sack, things will change. But have the Chelsea players stopped playing for their manager? Mourinho’s job could be in the hands of his players.