Wenger’s On Wheels

Arsenal have a team of men who are willing to go forward. Whether its forward to score, to overcome setbacks or to pass every other team in the Premier League. The Gunners made a grand advancement after their win against Everton.

Three goals were scored in the space of eight minutes! The first goal of the match came from Giroud in the 36th. Olivier Giroud is a man who wears a red shirt and wears it with pride upon each shoulder. He almost always delivers.


Two minutes later, Arsenal’s lead was extended by Koscielny. The Toffees had found themselves in a sticky situation. Everton did manage to net a cancellation goal, however, their drive and pace was not enough against the Premier League Giants.

Wenger’s team are now top of the PL table! Mourinho had called the manager a specialist in failure last season. It is true. Arsene Wenger is a specialist in failing to lose.