Spending Has Paid Off

Manchester United were unable to win their game against CSKA Moscow in the Champions League. However, a special signing, at the start of this football season, made sure that United didn’t lose all the points available to them.

The Reds had a rough start to the game, which was rather unsettling. In the 15th minute Doumbia netted a goal for CSKA. Man United had fallen behind and a quick fix was needed!

In the 65th minute, Anthony Martial was the one to turn things around. Many had their doubts about the £36m signing to begin with. However, it’s quite clear that he’s paying back every penny with every kick of the ball!

Manchester United are only three points off the top of Group B and they are not too far off the bottom either. They’ve got a lot of work to do in the Champions League and they might just have the right players to do so.