Flamin’ Five

Manchester City love high rankings and they also adore high scorelines. They battered Bournemouth with a total of five goals!

The game took off with a high tempo: Sterling gave City the lead in the 7th minute. Four minutes later, Bony doubled the scoreline! The alarm clock was sounding early!

In the 22nd minute, Murray scored a cancellation goal for the away team. However, any hope of revival was soon whisked away as Sterling scored another goal in the 29th!

The game had started well and Sterling was especially keen that it ended that way. Before the half time whistle was blown, he netted a fabulous hat-trick for his squad! 

At the end of the second half, Bony finalised City’s win. It was a vicious victory and the pace of the Premier League was dearly felt.

Manchester City have made it crystal clear once again: the title is theirs to claim. Anyone who wishes to take it away from them will have a hefty battle on their hands!