Baby On Board

There is more than one man in a team, Arsenal made that clear. With Cech saving goals and three different men each scoring goals, their game against Watford was definitely won by a full division.

All the goals in the match came in the second half and none were from Watford. Gunner glory was first introduced when Sánchez scored a goal in the 62nd minute. He’s always the man to get the ball rolling, heads turning and mouths moving!


In the 68th minute, Giroud doubled the scoreline. The Reds were spitting fire and in the 74th minute Ramsey joined the crew. Ramsey celebrated this goal with the ball up his shirt as sentiment to his wife and his baby that will soon be born. Baby on board!

Going up against a strong Arsenal is like getting involved in a fight against a lion. Chances of success are slim. The Arsenal of skill and momentum is the Arsenal heading towards the title in a hurry!