Manchester City are so fortunate to have such a determined, skillful and mind-blowing striker! Aguero was the main contributor to Manchester City’s win over Newcastle.

The first goal of the match came from the visitors. Mitrovic gave Newcastle the lead in the 18th minute.

From then on, the game was all about Manchester City. Although Newcastle pushed throughout the first half, City managed to net 6 goals in 20 glorious minutes!


Aguero equalised for City in the 42nd minute. He then gave them the lead in the 49th. One minute later he had reached hat-trick heaven!

The fans were given a short break from Aguero when De Bruyne scored a goal in the 53rd minute. However, in the 60th and 62nd, Aguero made further additions to the scoreline. The Etihad was up in cheers and cheerios as the fans waved goodbye to the feeling of loss and to the saddened Newcastle fans!

Manchester City are back to the top of the table. They’ve got the momentum and they’re ready to charge forward!


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