Surrender to Sanchez

Arsenal faced Leicester in a game of endless goal-scoring.  Seven goals were scored and five of them came from one tremendous team!

Vardy scored the opening goal in the 13th minute to give Leicester the lead. This would have been hugely recognised if it wasn’t for Walcott’s equaliser in the 18th.

The next goal of the match was scored in the 33rd minute: Sanchez wasted very little time before giving the Gunners the lead. Three goals in one half of the match and four more to come.

Sanchez continued to score in the second half: he netted a goal in both the 57th and 81st minute. He had ended Leicester’s winning chance with a heavenly hat trick!

Vardy did manage to score another goal for Leicester in the 89th minute. However, this was once again undermined by a goal from Giroud a minute later.

Less than a game separates Arsenal and Manchester City and the Gunners are only three points off the top of the table. This year’s champions have not yet been decided and Arsenal is very much in the running!