Head Over Heels

Chelsea was successful in their first League match of the season. They followed the footsteps of Manchester City in their game against Walsall.

Ramires was able to put Chelsea ahead of the game from as early as the 10th minute. He was in it to win it, and he made that very clear from the start.

The Blues’ lead was doubled by Remy in the 41st minute. Even though this was close to half time, O’Connor still managed to score a cancellation goal for Walsall before the whistle was blown.

In the second half more goals came, but only from one side. Mourinho’s side. Nunes do Nascimento extended the lead in the 52nd minute.

When the match ended it went out with a bang! Pedro scored for the Blues to make the final result 1-4. They kept on going until the very last minute!

Due to Wenger’s appeal, Diego Costa is facing a three match ban. However, Chelsea seam to be doing just fine without him. They’ve shown to be not just one man, but a team.