Crowned City

Manchester City produced brilliant results in their match against Sunderland. The League Cup has began and they’ve opened it with a bang!

City were jubilant to have been awarded a penalty at a very early stage in the game. Aguero converted the penalty to give his team the lead in the 9th minute.

De Bruyne doubled the lead for City in the 25th. Misfortune refused to stop falling upon Sunderland. An own goal from Mannone meant that Man City were ahead by three goals!

 Three minutes after this, City continued to extend their triumph. They were on their way to conquest and Sterling secured this by adding to the scoreline. They just couldn’t help themselves.

All of Manchester City’s goals came early in the first half. However, there was a a cancellation goal from Sunderland late in the second. Toivonen netted a goal for the team in dismay in the 83rd minute.

Manchester City have had a tremendous start to the Capital One Cup! Perhaps this is another cup which they have a close eye on.