The End

Manchester City have been going from one Premier League game to the next without dropping points and without conceding. That all stopped today. Manchester City lost 1-2 to West Ham.

City were taken aback right from the start of the game. Moses gave West Ham the lead in the 6th minute! This sparked great confidence in his team and by the 31st minute, another goal was hammered in!

Man City were not completely hopeless. De Bruyne scored a cancellation goal in the 45th minute. He brought a little bit of hope which City used to enthuse their gameplay throughout the second half. Nevertheless, it just wasn’t enough.

West Ham has beaten Liverpool, Arsenal and now Manchester City! How much further can they go? Manchester City did not take advantage of Arsenal’s loss today, instead, they repeated the result of their Chanpions League match earlier on in the week. Can they continue to dominate the League?