Chelsea Chivalry

A London derby took place today with Mourinho’s Chelsea facing off against Wenger’s Arsenal! It was a match of fury, flames and controversy!

The first half carried no goals but it definitely carried incidents. Chelsea were not awarded a penalty early on, however this was more than made up for by the 45th minute. As the first half was coming to a close, a fight and an argument, sparked by none other than Diego Costa, resulted in the sending off of Gabriel!

Arsenal were down to 10 men as they entered the second half. Arsenal fans believed that Costa should have been off the pitch, however, his yellow card saw him continue to play for the Blues. Zouma, a player who had added a lot to the game, scored for Mourinho’s side in the 53rd minute! Yes!

Chelsea have needed a win and they were getting it. A bad challenge from Cazorla saw him also sent off the pitch in the 79th minute! The Gunners had been gunned down to nine men! What was going on? Wenger had been left continually asking why.

Costa was later replaced by Remy. Arsenal fans thought he should have been off much sooner. Hazard shot further feelings of dismay into the Arsenal squad when he scored a goal in the 90th minute. The game was over! All this happened and Terry, the Chelsea captain, had watched from the side. He was benched!

The rivalry between Chelsea and Arsenal will go on and on. Wenger may have shaken Mourinho’s hand at the start of the second half (even if it was without eye contact), but he went straight into the tunnel when the final whistle blew. A big match. A massive three points. A huge level of controversy!


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