Bubbly Blues

It wasn’t a good result for the match played the previous night by the men in light blue shirts. However, it wasn’t the same story for Chelsea. The Blues were tremendously victorious in their game against Maccabi Tel Aviv.

There were four fantastic goals scored and they each came from four different people. William was first to take the stage with his goal in the 15th minute. Oscar then finished the first half of the match by converting a penalty to double the lead! Nice!

In the second half, Diego Costa finally came into character. He made his own addition to the shoreline in the 58th minute and Fabregas followed on from this in the 78th. The boys are back and you better believe it! Chelsea had finally won, and guess what? They did it all with Terry on the bench!

Mourinho’s side have been shamefully dreadful throughout the Premier League season so far. However, they seemed to have transformed into a completely different team today. They are topping! Let’s hope, with this restored confidence, they can produce many more victories!