A Repeat Result

Arsenal faced the same dreadful fate as the Manchester clubs the day before. They left the game with a 2-1 defeat against Dinamo Zagreb. All the Reds have simply been scorched this week.

The game began with the Gunners throwing their points down the gutter! Oxlade-Chamberlain scored an own goal in the 24th minute to give the home team an advantage. This was especially concerning after Oliver Giroud was sent off the pitch in the 40th minute. Goal down and man down!

In the 58th minute, Fernandes doubled the lead for the home team to confirm their victory of the night. Walcott did score a goal in the 79th, however, this was hardly enough to gain them any points. It just wasn’t a good day for the Gunners. Maybe next time.

It may be all well in the Premier League, but Arsenal (along with two other English clubs) are failing in the Champions League. Can they get their spirits back up in time to face the big boys of their group?