Moping Manchester 

Manchester United and Manchester City both lost 2-1 in their Champions League matches. However, the red team suffered scars which ran much deeper than loss of points.

The United player, Shaw, faced horrific injuries after a bad tackle early in the match against PSV. He had to be taken off on a stretcher, the poor lamb, after a lengthy time of treatment on the pitch. He broke both his tibia and fibula.

Manchester United were first to take the lead when Depay scored a goal in the 41st minute. However this was soon counteracted by the efforts of Moreno in the 45th.

In the second half, the teams were taken off balance. Narsingh netted a goal in the 57th minute to raise PSV in power! No points gained and no pride gained either for United.

Manchester City faced a similar defeat, but perhaps with just less physical injuries to show for it. Juventus fell behind City when Chiellini scored an own goal in the 57th minute. Why Thank you.

The away team soon corrected their mistake with Mandzukic’s goal in the 70th. Before anyone knew it they were back in gear and able to steam ahead with a goal from Morata in the 81st moment! Sorry City.

I guess it’s not all fun and games when the play stops and you haven’t won. Manchester United will recover from the loss of an injured player. However, Manchester City have finally conceded a goal. It may not have been in the Premier League, but they’ve conceded and lost. Have their spirits potentially been dampened?


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