Manchester United were unmerciful in the second leg of their match against Club Brugge. They wanted to play with the big boys of Europe and now they’ve given themselves the chance to do so!

Throughout the match, Rooney showed himself to be no rookie to the ways of football. Rooney scored the first of the four goals of the match in the 20th minute.

Rooney went on to double the scoreline in the 49th minute. Before the fans knew it, he had even netted a hat-trick!


As the game dialled down, another player came into the limelight. Herrera made his own addition to the goals scored in the 63rd minute!

The game ended with a 4-0 blow for Club Brugge. A result of 7-1 on aggregate meant that Club Brugge’s journey in the Champions League this season had come to an end.

On the other side, Rooney has killed off his goal drought to keep his team thriving. Will he continue to play a significant role in United’s success this season?