Blue Blow

Chelsea had another disastrous defeat as they faced-off against Manchester City. Those wearing the brighter blue had the brightest day today.

The first goal of the match came from Aguero in the 31st minute. This had set Chelsea back during the first half, but, by the half time break, there was one player in particular that felt the pain the most…

Terry was substituded, by Jose Mourinho, for the first time in 177 games. Considering the hype surrounding the match, Terry was intensely Fustrated!


This act took many people’s mind away from what happened during the second half. Kompany doubled City’s lead in the 79th minute!

The game was sealed just minutes later. Fernandinho made the scoreline hit three in the 85th. Manchester City tried to use every minute to their advantage. They were successful.

The Blues have dropped out of of harmony and into 16th place on the Premier League table. This was after losing five points out of a possible six. Manchester City share no such upset with the Champions as they are sitting with pride at the top of the table.