A New Beginning

Another Premier League season has come to entertain us again. However, it has been made very clear that this season will bring around many unexpected moments.

During the football break Arsenal came fully out of their shell. Arsenal won the Asia Cup and the Emirates Cup. This was all before taking an extraordinary milestone…

Arsenal faced the Premier League Champions, Chelsea, in a battle for the Community Shield. Neither of the teams’ manager has ever really seen eye to eye and this was further intensified by the Gunner’s signing of Peter Cech.


Peter Cech made his debut against his old club and kept them from netting a single goal. The only goal in the game was scored by Oxlade-Chamberlain in the 24th minute.

Arsene Wenger believed that the victory had made his team overcome a great hurdle, even though it didn’t change how he felt towards Mourinho. This season will be Wenger’s 20th season with Arsenal! How impressive! We can therefore expect great things.

The Premier League is back! The weekends will now be more fulfilled. We’ve waited…and waited…and now the time has come. Who will fall and who will rise, time will tell it all.