What’s The Mata?

Manchester United failed to overpower Swansea in today’s Premier League match. They saw themselves rising before rolling down in upset.

No goals were scored in the first half of the game. However, a goal did come early in the second. Mata netted the first goal in the 48th minute to give United the lead!


Mata had caused a problem for Swansea and they weren’t about to take it lying down. Ayew equalised for the Swans in the 61st minute. Then Gomis drifted them to victory just five minutes later!

Manchester United has suffered their first defeat this season. Let’s hope that their wounds don’t take too long to heal.



Liverpool suffered a devastating loss against West Ham. The occurances in the match were very unexpected.

West Ham took the upper hand right from the start of the match. Lanzini netted a goal in the 3rd minute. Perhaps this was too unsettling for the red side…

Noble doubled the lead for West Ham in the 29th minute. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Coutinho was sent off the pitch in the 52nd! What were they going to do?


The balance was restored when Noble, West Ham’s most recent goal scorer, was shown his own red card! With both teams down to ten men, Liverpool had a chance to get back what they had lost.

It was a shame to see the Reds refuse to take up the opportunity. In fact, Sakho took things a little further by scoring for the hammers in extra time! A huge dent was surely left in the spirit of the home team.

This was West Ham’s first league win at Anfield since 1963! Should Liverpool expect more horrors on the way?

Flying High

Watford were put through quite the whirlwind as Manchester City showed what they were made of! City cooked up a 2-0 defeat.

Watford were reluctant to concede against the current table leaders, however, they eventually gave in. Sterling gave City the lead in the 47th minute!


Less than ten minutes later, Watford were shaken once more. Fernandinho doubled the lead for Manchester City, finalising their success!

It’s another win without conceding for Manchester City. They’re soaring! Just how are they doing it? We all want to know!

Down With The Blues

Chelsea lost more points today in their game against Crystal Palace. They faced a saddening 1-2 defeat!

All the goals scored came quite late in the match. The first goal was netted for Crystal Palace in the 65th minute. Sako had given the visitors the lead!


The Blues did make a comeback as Falcao equalised in the 79th minute. However, this was short-lived as Ward gave Palace the lead once again!

A loss at home for Mourinho is very uncommon and it was heart-renching for it to happen on his 100th match at home with Chelsea. The defeat came as a shock and it wasn’t the gift he was looking forward to. Perhaps the wake-up call will kick start their season.

Your Welcome

Arsenal were fortunate enough to win their game against Newcastle. Newcastle did all the work and the Gunners took all the credit.

The game was off to a bad start for the hosts, Newcastle, from an early stage in the match. Mitrovic was given a red card in the 16th minute of the game. That gave a red signal to their chances in the rest of the match!


The visitors were not able to take advantage of Newcastle’s dismay, so the home team did it for them. Coloccini netted an own goal in the 52nd minute! Arsenal was handed three points on a silver plate.

Arsenal got away with this one, but they’ll need to score goals if they wish to continue to rise. No major signing has been made in the transfer window yet, and it might just be what they need…

The Champions League Draw

The Champions League groups have been drawn! Even though there is no Premier League club having to face Barcelona or Real Madrid quite yet, some of them are still playing against pretty strong contenders.

Manchester United haven’t been given the biggest scare. They were placed in group B along with PSV Eindhoven, CSKA Moscow and Wolfsburg. The likelihood is that they will survive this stage.


Chelsea were also not given too much to worry about. They were placed in group G along with Porto, Dynamo Kyiv and Maccabi Tel Aviv. Porto may be the only threat posed to the Blues and so they are likely to go through with them to the next round. Mourinho is a happy man!

Manchester City have been granted with smaller luck. However, they still have a stern chance of succeeding this round. They have been placed in group D along with Juventus, Sevilla and Borussia Mönchengladbach. Juventus are a powerhouse and hopefullly the only team to rumble the City!


Arsenal, as usual, will be going head to head with the biggest challenge of all. They have been placed in group F along with Bayern Munich, Olympiakos and Dinamo Zagreb. Bayern Munich knocked the Gunners out in the last-16 stage in 2014, however, it would be a shame if it was Olympiakos that would overtake Arsenal this season.

The Champions League matches will start on Tuesday the 15th of September and we wish all the clubs the best of luck!


Manchester United were unmerciful in the second leg of their match against Club Brugge. They wanted to play with the big boys of Europe and now they’ve given themselves the chance to do so!

Throughout the match, Rooney showed himself to be no rookie to the ways of football. Rooney scored the first of the four goals of the match in the 20th minute.

Rooney went on to double the scoreline in the 49th minute. Before the fans knew it, he had even netted a hat-trick!


As the game dialled down, another player came into the limelight. Herrera made his own addition to the goals scored in the 63rd minute!

The game ended with a 4-0 blow for Club Brugge. A result of 7-1 on aggregate meant that Club Brugge’s journey in the Champions League this season had come to an end.

On the other side, Rooney has killed off his goal drought to keep his team thriving. Will he continue to play a significant role in United’s success this season?

Let The Games Begin

The Champions League is beginning to kick off. Manchester United finished fourth in the Premier League last season and so must play a qualifying match.

Manchester United were matched with Club Brugge. In their first game United won 3-1. However it is now time for them to play away from home and continue their triumph!

Manchester United is set to face Club Brugge once more. Will they be strong enough to finalise their entrance into the real games of the Champions League?

The second leg is here! Find out the result tonight.


Tonight there was a clash between fire and flames! Red saw Red. Arsenal faced Liverpool.

The game ended in a draw with no goals scored. Ramsey was the only player able to make the ball hit the back or the net, but this was irritatingly ruled offside.


Throughout the game there were many attempts made both ways. Peter Cech, the new Arsenal goalkeeper, put on a dazzling display that really showed the fans that he was worth every penny!

No goals, but one point awarded to each team. This was a match where points were allowed to be dropped, so the Gunners are still looking well into glory!

City Craft

Manchester United have won another game this season. They beat Everton 2-0 to continue their winning run.

All the goals came in the second half of the match and from only one side. City took the lead when Kolarov scored in the 60th minute!


Another goal was later claimed by the club as Nasri doubled the scoreline in the 88th minute. Perhaps the strength and skill of Everton had been exaggerated before the match began.

Manchester City are flying high at the top of the table. They have a tremendous goal difference as they are yet to concede a single goal. For how long will they be given space to breathe?