Amazing Arsenal

Arsenal left with a bang after their last game of the Premier League season. They triumphed against West Brom.

Walcott didn’t hesitate to give Arsenal the lead in the 4th minute! By the 14th, he doubled it. Walcott was well on his way to a hat trick (and so early on in the game)!


Three minutes later, the Gunners were dancing to more happy tunes. Wilshere scored a goal in the 17th minute to make the scoreline hit three! The first half didn’t end there as Walcott made sure to earn his hat trick first!

Arsenal weren’t able to get away scott-free as McAuley netted a goal for West Brom in the 57th minute. Nevertheless, Arsenal still maintained a very credible victory.

That’s it. Arsenal have successfully ended the season at third place on the table. If they continue with the same attitude next season, who knows where they might find themselves…