Manchester City continuously produce results which are simply pleasing to the eye. This time round they double Swansea’s score count.

Yaya Toure scored the first goal for City in the 21st minute. Milner then doubled the lead in the 36th!

Sigurdsson pulled Swansea back out the mud in the 45th minute. Before anyone knew it, Gomis has fully recovered the team by the 64th. The Swans were swimming once again!


Manchester City didn’t take this shock with a pinch of salt. Instead, they retaliated.

Yaya Toure netted another goal for Manchester City in the 74th minute. Bony then extended their lead in extra time to make sure the Swans were fully sunken under the water!

Yaya Toure has scored his 50th Premier League and has helped to raise his team to one of the highest positions in the League. The Premier League cup may not be theirs this season, but there is clear eveidence that they’ve won it before and may win it again!