Manchester United and Arsenal went head to head this weekend. It was a level playing field and they both came out with one goal for one point.

The first goal came in the first half. Herrera netted the goal in the 30th minute to give United the lead. Boo yah!


In the second half, their lead continued to hold power. This was up until Blackett equalised for Arsenal in the 82nd minute. Sadly he scored the goal for the wrong team. Oops.

Arsenal were able to maintain their hold on third position on the Premier League table and United continued their walk in fourth.


Boo Hoo

Liverpool played against Crystal Palace in what was to be Gerrard’s last home game. The game may not have had the best result but it doesn’t mean that Gerrard’s send off was any less emotional.

Liverpool had an optimistic start when Lallana netted a goal in the 26th minute. However, this soon fizzled as Puncheon eqaulised for Palace just before half time.


In the 60th minute Zaha gave Palace the lead. This was then extended when Murray scored a goal in extra time! I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the result that Liverpool were hoping for.

Gerrard’s last game ended dismally. It’s a good things he was given the guard of honour to celebrate the good times he had at Anfield.