Creepy Crawlies

Liverpool played against Queens Park Rangers in one of their final games of the season. The game started with tribute to Ferdinand’s family, due to the death of Ferdinad’s wife, and the game ended with a result that failed to put a smile on the face of QPR.

Coutinho began Liverpool’s charge to victory in the 19th minute! However, in the second half they experienced a heavy set back. In the 73rd minute, Fer scored the equaliser for QPR. 


As time was running our for the Reds a red card was pulled out against Onuoha. This then opened the gates to Gerrard’s winning goal in the 87th minute! Good ol’ Gerrard. 

Liverpool are in 5th position in the Premier League table and they’re creeping up behind a deteriorating Manchester United. Could today’s result perhaps open the doors to a grand Gerrard send off? On the other side of things, QPR are one game away from relegation. Will they be saved?