Only Just

Manchester City faced Aston Villa in a game of fight and fury. There were times of glee and there were times of gloom , but all was well in the end.

It only took Aguero three minutes to give Manchester City the lead! This was the only goal in the first half, no one knew there was more to come…

In the 66th minute, Kolarov doubled the lead for City. It was a shame that Villa soon got the will to battle on again.


Cleverly netted a goal for the opposition just two minutes later. This was followed by an equaliser from Sanchez in the 85th!

The game was thought to be done and dusted until City made a shocking return! Fernandinho gave City the lead once more with his goal in the 89th minute. Just in the nick of time!

Manchester City may not be after the title but they’re definately after 2nd place. The race is on and they’re leading it!