Dirty Derby

A match took place which divided a city in half. It was Manchester City vs Manchester United and the results were as shocking as could be. 

 Goals started flying in from an early point in the game. Aguero scored the first goal for Man City in the 8th minute of the match! Five minutes later,Young responded to this by putting United level again. 

 United had fallen behind earlier and now they were flying ahead. Fellaini gave his team the lead in the 27th minute! This was the last goal of the first half and it set the tone for the rest of the match. 


 In the second half Mata added another goal to Man United’s total in the 67th minute. Before anyone knew it Smalling then made it four! Yes, the scoreline was 4-1! 

 City were fortunate enough to have Aguero on their squad. He scored another goal, just before the full time whistle, to reduce the intensity of City’s loss. 

 Manchester United are now four points ahead of Manchester City on the Premier League table. Perhaps it’s top three that they really belong to.

However it looks as if Manchester City’s dream of winning the title might be over. What they need to focus on is staying in top four!