Minor Mayhem

Chelsea were almost silenced by Queens Park Rangers in their weekend game. Good things come to those that wait and that was clearly the case in this match.

The first half consisted of no goals. QPR had a strong hold on the Premier League leaders and they were refusing to let go.

During the second half the Blues still did not have a single shot on target. Their first and only one came in the 88th minute when Fabregas scored the winning goal! Hurrah!


The goal may have been celebrated by Chelsea but it wasn’t celebrated by QPR. Ivanovic was even hit by a missile from the fans! I’m pretty sure he did not see that one coming.

Chelsea are now seven points clear at the top of the table and there are no current threats. Can the title be already considered theirs?

QPR on the other hand have fallen deeper into the relegation battle. Time is ticking and the battle is only getting bolder.