The Gunners were bold in their approach against Liverpool. This was reflected greatly in the match’s result.

Three shocking goals were scored in eight first half minutes. Bellerin scored the first goal for Arsenal in the 37th minute. This was followed by a goal from Ozil in the 40th and then from Sanchez in the 45th. What a miraculous way to end the first half!


After the short break, Liverpool showed signs of a slight recovery from a traumatic match beginning. In fact, Henderson even managed to convert a penalty in the 76th minute. Just as things were looking up again, Can received a red card in the 84th minute and Giroud later scored another goal for the Gunners. Misery settled into the visitors once again…

Arsenal are nine points ahead of Liverpool on the Premier League table and there are no signs of them being traced. The question for Arsenal is now whether they could perhaps be considered title contenders. However, could Liverpool still contend for top four?