Gunner Grin

The Gunners  can be seen with grand smiles on their faces after a successful match against West Ham. The number ‘3’ is considered a lucky number and it proved to be very much so in this match.

Giroud ended the first half with a bang! He scored a goal just before the half time whistle blew! We can always rely on him to provide the exciting and unepected action that we all crave.


In the second half, Arsenal showed the fans that they had even more to offer! Ramsey doubled the lead in the 81st minute. Just three minutes later, their supporters rose once again to a goal from Flamini.

1, 2, 3. Arsenal scored three goals and are third place on the Premier League table. After winning their 7th game in the last eight, they are only one point behind Manchester City! The Gunners have been rewarded with extra confidence for their Champions League match on Tuesday and perhaps to potentially even climb to second place on the League table!