Bad Luck

Liverpool enetered the match against Besiktas with an advantage, however, they came out with defeat. They were knocked out of Europa League by losing their first European penalty shootout.

Liverpool were winning 1-0 on aggregate from their previous meeting against Besiktas. However, colours began to fade as the result took an ugly turn. No goals were scored in the first half, but a significant one was scored in the second.

In the 72nd minute of the match, Arslan netted a goal for Besiktas to make it 1-1 on aggregate! The teams were level and Liverpool were unable to fight back. If the Reds just held on a little longer, it could have been a different story being told today…


30 minutes added time was given, however it wasn’t fruitful. In the end it all boiled down to a penalty shootout! A penalty shootout is like tossing a coin, so you can imagine the tension that built around the stadium.

Every shot went in to claim a point. Everything was going smoothly. That was until Liverpool’s last penalty. It must have been the pressure. What else could make Lovren miss such a vital penalty to see his team out of the competition?

Heads or tails? Whichever one Liverpool picked it was clearly the wrong side of the coin. The Reds are now out of Europa. The only remaining trophy that they could possibly lift this year is the FA Cup. Can they do it? Let’s see if you’re right.