Manchester City faced their toughest match yet as they went head-to-head against Barcelona! City played at home, but  it seemed no place was secure enough or sweet enough to protect them from this brutal battle!

Suarez made his first return to England, since he moved to Barcelona in the summer, and he sure did leave his mark. He scored the first goal for the away team in the 16th minute. It wasn’t long before the second goal came as Suarez netted another goal, in the 30th minute, to double the lead for Barcelona! They knocked on the door for victory and it opened!


In the second half, Manchester City attempted to recover and retaliate. In the 69th minute, Aguero scored a goal for City to keep their hopes alive. After all, it’s not over until it’s over! However, this sense of confidence was short-lived as Clichy soon recieved a red card to reduce City to ten. What did they have left? Well, they can be proud of one thing. Hart, the skilled City goalkeeper, saved a late penalty taken by one of the greatest football players, Messi! Now that is something to be proud of!

So City walked away from the match in gloom and with the chance to reflect. They still have the second leg to play at Barcelona. It may be difficult, but nothing is impossible.