Slimmed and Sliced

Arsenal’s chances of reaching the quater-finals of the Champions League have been severely reduced after they suffered a great loss against Monaco. Today’s results could weigh heavy on Arsenal’s shoulders.

The first goal of the match came from Kondogbia in the 38th minute of the match. This was the only goal in the first half but more goals soon followed in the second.

Berbatov doubled Monaco’s lead in the 53rd minute. Arsenal were sleeping and they weren’t waking up!


In extra time, Oxlade-Chamberlain did however net a goal for his team. Sadly, it was too late! Well, too late for them because Monaco had another goal added to the scoreline by Ferreira-Carrasco just before the whistle screamed “stop!”.

Arsenal allowed the visitors three away goals with hardly any trouble! The consequences could be fatal unless the Gunners can somehow perform a miracle. There may be still light at the end of the tunnel, but will they get to it?