Grand Gain

Manchester City faced Newcastle and had their greatest win of the season. They walked away from the game with five goals, three points and a clean sheet in their pockets!

Like Arsenal, Manchester City were awarded a peanlty at such an early time in the game. Aguero coverted it in the second minute to give his team the lead! Nasri then doubled this in the 12th minute. The first half saw three goals enter the net as Dzeko even scored a goal in the 21st.


In the second half more goals just kept coming! Where did they get the energy from? Silva scored in the 51st minute to make the scoreline hit four. Then, just two minutes later, Silva claimed another goal to make it five!

Manchester City have reduced the gap between them and Chelsea to five points and they did it in such a fashionable way! Could this outcome perhaps suggest that the title race is nowhere near over?