Reds Grill Burnley

Manchester United left Burnley with scars after a 3-1 defeat! The brutal victory confirmed United’s willingness to fight for a spot in the top four!

Manchester United clutched an early lead as Smalling scored a goal in the 6th minute. This, however, was soon cancelled out by Ings’s equaliser six minutes later!

A draw may have been on the mind of the players for a short while, but the idea of a win was soon reinforced by Smalling once again, just before the half time whistle!


The confirmation goal then came when Van Persie converted a penalty in the 82nd minute. The Reds had won, bringing Burnley down to ashes!

Manchester United are back in the top four as they have jumped up to 3rd position on the Premier League table. They’ve proved that it will be very hard for a team to attempt to permanently replace them in a Champions League spot.

The Reds have turned up the heat. The race is on!