Liverpool Lash Kane

Liverpool faced Tottenham in a game of fire vesus fire! The biggest challenge that the Reds had to overcome was the power of Tottenham’s striker, Kane.

Markovic scored the first goal of the match in the 15th minute. This gave Liverpool the lead! However, this was short-lived as Kane netted his own goal in the 26th minute. Of course, who else but Kane to protest. He has now scored this 23rd goal of the season!

Kane may have shuddered Liverpool slightly in the first half, however, in the second half they came back fighting! Gerrard converted a penalty in the 53rd minute to give his team the lead once again. It was a shame that the Reds soon faced another setback as Dembele equalised for Spurs in the 61st.


Liverpool had the option to back down for good, but were they ready to fight on and claim a victory? There was no doubt that they chose option two as Balotelli came out of hiding to score the winning goal for Liverpool in the 83rd minute of the match!

Kane has been a major threat to the biggest teams in the League! However, today his reign came to an end.

Liverpool scored three goals and claimed three points. The gap between them and Tottenham has now reduced to a mere one point! They may have had a rocky start to the season, but they’re clearly showing that they wish to make ammends.