Striving and Surviving

Chelsea played away against Aston Villa, however, they didn’t fail to deliver the result we were all hoping for. Their win today has enabled them to begin running away with the Premier League title.

Hazard netted a goal in the 8th minute to give Chelsea an early lead. The Blues maintained their advantage throughout the first half.


The second half didn’t begin well for Mourinho’s side as Okore equalised for Villa in the 48th minute. However, this act was soon put to shame as Ivanovic gave the Blues the lead again in the 66th! Take that as a warning: Chelsea are not to be messed with.

Chelsea have moved seven points clear at the top of the table so Mourinho can now wipe away the sweat collecting on his forehead. The pressure has been reduced, but can Chelsea continue to widen the gap between them and their opponents?