Fallen City

Manchehester City have shown to be unable to keep up with the pace of Chelsea. They have fallen seven points behind the leaders due to their lucky draw against Hull City.

Meyler opened up the heart of Hull when he scored the opening goal in the 35th minute! It was merely a dream to beat Manchester City, but they nearly did just that.


Hull’s lead was held for the entire 90 minutes! However, they must have forgotten about City’s tendancy to fight back in the dying minutes of every game. In extra time, the fatal deed was done. Milner scored the equaliser for Manchester City to clutch a draw before the referee could blow his whistle!

Hull have slipped out of the relegation zone whilst Manchester City have drifted further away from the Premier League cup. They’ve gone four league games without a win and the cracks are staring to show. Can they perhaps replenish their ambition or is it time to put their dream to bed?