To Wembley and Beyond

Chelsea versed Liverpool in a match that seemed more like a battle. The prize for the winner was entrance to the Capital One Finale and who wouldn’t want that?

The only goal of the match was scored very late. The game mainly consisted of high temperatures and boiling hearts as nine players were booked! The passion for success went beyond the limit a few times.

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Sometimes it’s good to left off some steam, especially if you can get away with it. The Blues may have had a disallowed penalty, however, Ivanovic made up for it in the 94th minute by scoring the winning goal! This made the scoreline 2-1 on aggregate and took Chelsea once step closer to the cup!

We must commend Liverpool’s fiery attempt. Nevertheless, they are still out of a cup and it doesn’t look as if they’ll find one else where.

Chelsea may not have won a trophy last year, however it looks as if they have plans to make up for it. The hassle was worth it: the Capital One Cup is in reach, the Premier League is currently in their grasp and they haven’t been ruled out the Champions League yet. Watch your back becuase Chelsea are coming!