Arsenal were never one to follow the crowd and they sure didn’t do that today. After Satuday’s wreckage it was a suprise to see Arsenal prosper against a Brighton hell-bent on succeeding.

Arsenal had an amazing start to the match as Walcott gave them the lead in the 2nd minute! The earlier the better, right? Ozil seemed to agree as he doubled the lead in the 24th. A 2-0 lead was what Chelsea had yesterday when things decided to go downhill. It looked like the same fate would tempt the Gunners, however, somehow they persevered…


O’Grady netted a goal for Brighton in the 50th minute of the match. This was soon counteracted by Rosicky in the 59th minute. Arsenal weren’t let off lightly as they faced another attack by Baldock in the 75th minute. The scoreline was 3-2 and Gunner Glory was being threatened!

Somehow, someway Arsenal managed to maintain their lead to achieve a victory! They are through to the next stage of the FA Cup and they seem to be the greatest contenders for the cup right now. They won it last year. Can they do it again?