Done and Dusted

An important match took place at the Etihad stadium: Manchester City vs Arsenal! Suprisingly, the home side showed a lack of dominance and they let the away team get under their skin.

Cazorla converted a penalty in the 24th minute to give the Gunners the lead! They were on their way to vctory and there wasn’t much that Man City could do about it.


Giroud then doubled the scoreline in the 67th minute to confirm Gunner glory. City lost their 12 games unbeaten run in a game which they lacked the charisma to gain a successful attempt at goal.

Arsenal is chasing down a spot in top four and have dented Manchester City’s title hopes whilst doing so. City will be playing Chelsea next so they need to get their spirit back as soon as possible! Arsenal, however, have shown the fire and skill they hold within. Is the ancient Arsenal we love and know back to contend for the cup?