It’s Raining Goals!

Hallelujah! Chelsea smothered Swansea in a hefty 5-0 bonanza! Blue rain drops crashed down in overwhelming anticipation!

Swansea never got a chance to be in the game as Oscar scored the first goal in the 1st minute of the match! He did not waste a single moment.

Diego Costa followed his lead as he doubled the scoreline in the 20th minute. It was then in the 34th that he made it three!


Two minutes later Oscar scored again. Perhaps he should be given an oscar award for his undying contributuion. Schurrle then refused to go unnoticed as he tied the knot by scoring the final goal in the 79th minute!

Chelsea yet again provided entertainment that eyes just couldn’t turn away from. They’re reigning down on all the other clubs in the Premier League and they’re not making any room for guests.