Chelsea Chomped

Chelsea played against Tottenham in what was thought to be a winnable match. However, the events proved otherwise.

Diego netted the first goal to give Chelsea the lead in the 18th minute. This lead was soon diminished by Kane’s goal in the 30th. The teams were level but of course they didn’t rest.

Rose gave Tottenham the lead in the 44th minute. You wouldn’t think a goal could come any closer to the half time whistle, yet somehow it did! Townsend converted a penalty in the 45th minute to make it three.


In the second half the action continued. Hazard was able to get a goal back for the Blues in the 61st minute. However, attention was soon drawn away from this as Chadli extended Spurs’ lead!

Terry later scored a vital goal for Chelsea as the game was coming to a close. This goal gave Chelsea the same goal difference as Manchester City and so they were able to stay at the top of the table due to alphabetical order. Wow, what a way to use your ABC’s to your advantage!

Mourinho’s team conceding five goals! Is he losing his magic touch?

The Blues left the match with a blue feeling inside. After a 5-3 defeat we can only hope that they find the motivation to fight for top spot.