High to Low

Liverpool gave their fans a taste of heaven with a great lead in their game against Leicester. To their disappointment, the game did not end that way.

It looked as if Liverpool had turned up for a penalty shoot-out! Gerrard converted a penalty to give Liverpool the lead in the 17th minute. Liverpool was then awarded another penalty in the 40th which Gerrard used to double their lead!


In the second half, Leicester made a phenomenal comeback! Nugent scored a goal in the 58th minute. This raised aspirations and, two minute later, Schlupp had netted the equaliser for the away team. Well that wasn’t expected…

Liverpool are now seven points below top four. If they want to be entered into the Champions League next season they better start acting fast!


2 thoughts on “High to Low”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the great read. It was a real shame to see Liverpool lose a game they could have won. What do you think of Steven Gerrard announcing that he’ll leave at the end of this season? Who do you think will be Liverpool’s next captain? Is Gerrard’s departure going to affect Liverpool badly?


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    1. Gerrard has been a great player for Liverpool. I think his departure will be a great loss for the club, especially after already losing Suarez. It’s hard to tell who will be the next Liverpool captain. Perhaps it could be Henderson or maybe even Sturridge who has previously performed well for the club. However, Sturridge is always injury prone. Right now, Liverpool consists of quite a few new players that haven’t been with the club for long. No one will really live up to what Gerrard has achieved. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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