From Little To Large

Liverpool haven’t been doing so well in the Premier League this season. However, the result from tonight’s match against Bournemouth suggest that perhaps Liverpool will be able to grab the Capital One Cup instead.

Sterling openend up the scoreline for Liverpool in the 20th minute of the match. It then only took Markovic seven minutes to double the lead! A good start for the Reds. Its hard to not get a good result from here on. goal

In the second half, Sterling gave Liverpool another goal in the 51st minute. It is said that “3” is a lucky number, however it wasn’t quite the charm the Reds needed as Gosling scored a goal for the opposition just six minutes later. Well, they still won.

Liverpool have shown a immense confidence in the Capital One Cup. Therefore they must meet grand people. They are set to meet Chelsea for the semi-finals. Now things really get tough: breaking past the Blues’ defence is like trying to walk through steel. They’re tough nuts to crack…are Liverpool up for the challenge?